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Tribute Albums Featuring Cover Versions of Songs by Popular Recording Artists
About About Tribute Albums About is your online source for tribute albums in honor of various artists in a variety of styles and genres.  Serving as an online directory of tribute albums, visitors can browse the site by artist to view details of tribute albums abvailable to that artist.

As a record label, is dedicated to producing unique tributes to various pop culture icons. Tribute albums in general have been geared towards bands, but here at we will take it a step further and produce tributes to anything and everything that has become pop culture! Currently available are a seriesd of tributes to rock giants KISS including Heroes of the Night, KISS Cover to Cover (a unique tribute to KISS), and PROPHECY (a tribute to late KISS drummer, Eric Carr).  Many more will be on the way!!

In early 2000 released PROPHECY by singer/songwriter Ralph E. Carle. As a tribute to the late Eric Carr, former drummer for rock group KISS, PROPHECY received an impressive response from KISS fans and music fans world wide. Since then has turned out impressive projects including tributes to KISS, Guns N' Roses, and Cartoon Theme Songs.  There are more in the works, so stay tuned!

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