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KISS Tribute Album: KISS Cover to Cover

KISS Cover to Cover
A Tribute to Songs Covered by KISS
by Various Artists

$5.99 plus s&h

Track List
  1. Kissin' Time
  2. Then She Kissed Me
  3. Any Way You Want It
  4. Tossin’ and Turnin'
  5. New York Groove
  6. When You Wish Upon a Star
  7. 2000 Man
  8. God Gave Rock n' Roll to You III
  9. Do You Remember Rock n’ Roll Radio

Album Info:
KISS Cover to Cover is a KISS tribute album featuring cover versions of songs once covered by rock heroes, KISS. These classics were updated by KISS, and are now being given a third dimension by today's up and coming artists. In addition to the musical content on KISS Cover to Cover, the CD also contains computer accessible bonus features!!

The Inspiration:
The idea for KISS Cover to Cover was initially a joke intended to poke fun at the money fueled reputation of KISS bassist Gene Simmons.  The joke was to produce a KISS related product for which Gene would recieve no royalties.  How would we do that you ask?  Easy, only record songs that Gene/KISS did not write!  These are songs that KISS themselves covered back in the hayday of KISStory.  Some of these are better known by the KISS version than from the originals.

KISS Tribute Album: KISS Cover to Cover

A Tribute to Eric Carr

$5.99 plus s&h

Track List
  1. Intro (w/Eric Carr Radio ID)
  2. Not Dead Yet
  3. Imaginary Friends
  4. So Much More
  5. Your Turn to Cry
  6. She Loves Me
  7. Never Say I love You Again
  8. Prophecy
  9. Your Turn to Cry (Eric Carr)
Album Info:
"PROPHECY" is a definate must for all serious KISS fans. The CD is dedicated to, and features the late Eric Carr, former drummer for the rock supergroup. "PROPHECY" features
Eric Carrs original recording of "Your Turn to Cry", a song written and performed by Eric prior to his joining KISS!! Also included is a cover version of "Your Turn to Cry" performed by Ralph E. Carle. "PROPHECY" opens with a very rare radio ID that Eric recorded prior to his passing in late 1991. This CD combines a creative presentation, with an excellent piece of rock n' roll history. The cover art is a tribute to the 1978 KISS solo albums, and features Ralph E. Carle in KISS-style makeup.
KISS Tribute Album: Heroes of the Night

Heroes of the Night
A Tribute to KISS
by Emerald Monkey


Track List
  1. Creatures of the Night
  2. Saint and Sinner
  3. Keep Me Comin'
  4. Rock and Roll Hell
  5. Danger
  6. I Love It Loud
  7. I Still Love You
  8. Killer
  9. War Machine

    Bonus Track: Shout it Out Loud
    Featuring Daniel Macmaster

Album Info:
Heroes of the Night is a track by track re-creation of KISS' Creatures of the Night, the 1982 release that returned KISS to the hard rock style that first launched their enormous rise to rock n' roll power, and re-inspired a new generation of musicians. In addition to Emerald Monkey's head primate, Jimmy D, Heroes of the Night features appearances by Rob Love (Zan Clan), Bill Bruce (Shotgun Messiah), Chris Laney (Zan Clan & Animal), Daniel Macmaster (Bonham), Peter M. Ahern (Red China Blue).

In addition to the complete Creatures of the Night tracks listing, you will also find a stellar version of Shout It Out Loud, performed by former Bonham vocalist Daniel Macmaster, and a bonus three song EP from Emerald Monkey.

Guns N' Roses Tribute Album: Chinese Hypocrisy

Chinese Hypocrisy
N' International Tribute to Guns N' Roses
by Various Artists


Track List
  1. Get in the Ring
  2. November Rain
  3. Sweet Child O' Mine
  4. You Could Be Mine
  5. Don't Cry
  6. Welcome to the Jungle
  7. Estranged
  8. Move to the City
  9. It's So Easy
  10. Paradise City
  11. Nightrain (live)
Album Info:
Chinese Hypocrisy is a Guns n' Roses tribute album featuring a host of GNR inspired musicians from around the globe performing classic Guns N' Roses hits. Popular European GNR tribute band, Dust N' Bones, opens the album with a brand new recording of Get in the Ring, the first of four killer tracks by the Hungarian rockers. Quiet Riot guitarist Alex Grossi teamed up with Ignite vocalist Zoli Teglas and Marko Pukkila of Finland's Altaria, to bring you a brilliant acoustic version of the Guns n' Roses epic, November Rain. Emerald Monkey, known for his solo material and collaborations with former Bonham vocalist Daniel Macmaster, joins the line-up with Welcome to the Jungle and Move to the City. Not 1...Not 2...But THREE GNR tribute bands from around the globe who sport the familiar name "Hollywood Rose" make appearances on Chinese Hypocrisy. Hollywood Rose (Italy) performs Sweet Child O Mine, while Hollywood Rose (Hungary) handles Don't Cry and It's So Easy. Finally, Hollywood Rose (Canada) supplies a special live performance of Nightrain, capturing the raw energy of classic Guns n' Roses!
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